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Motagistics Delivery Management, Marijuana Transportation Software

Motagistics, Marijuana Tracking Software, Marijuana Transportation Software, cannabis transportation lawsMotagistics | Seed to Sale Software Suite |Motagistics, Marijuana Tracking Software, Marijuana Transportation Software, cannabis transportation lawsSecure  Marijuana Transportation Software Provided by Motagistics’ Delivery Management App Enables Compliance with Secure Transport Laws

Motagistics’ marijuana transportation software enables marijuana Growers, Processors, Product Manufacturers, Dispensaries and Testing Labs and 3rd Party Transporters to achieve compliance with marijuana transport laws.

Motagistics’ marijuana transportation software is robust, crypto-secure automation allowing for the management of customer order deliveries. Vendor-to-Vendor sales is a one-stop solution for all legal marijuana businesses. Grow Facilities, Processors, Product Manufacturers, Testing Labs, Dispensaries and Secure Transport vendors can easily comply with State regulatory requirements  for secure marijuana transportation, tracking and traceability through the entire chain of custody.  Motagistics’ transportation software work in parallel with Delivery Management app, central to the marijuana transportation software solution you’re looking for.

Your orders are secure, trackable and traceable through the entire chain of custody with Motagistics’ Delivery Management App.

Equipped with Motagistics’ proprietary Delivery Management app on their hand-held device, the secure transport driver handling your order can be conveniently monitored in route and even contacted directly through the app by the Seller, Buyer and the Transportation Dispatcher.

Don’t need a 3rd Party Transportation Company?

No problem, the marijuana transportation software and Delivery Management App works just the same for your marijuana business utilizing ‘in-house’ drivers. In either case, Motagistics’ transportation software and Delivery Management App are fully integrated with the marijuana inventory management software, enabling instant inventory adjustments upon order processing (more details below).

Here’s a more detailed look at how Motagistics’ marijuana transportation software enables secure and compliant transportation of marijuana for all industry vendors:

The Seller of medical cannabis products manages product deliveries through the app based track and trace capabilities of Motagistics’ Delivery Management system. The Delivery Management app subscription also enables an easy download of the app directly to your hand held devices. Delivery management can be utilized by any vendor performing, or requiring, secure marijuana transport software functionality robust enough to comply with the most stringent of marijuana State laws.

The marijuana transport software features of the Delivery Management app generates and validates all details of the delivery process.

When the order is placed, all corresponding financial transactions are made automatically. The order can be processed when validation of sufficient funds is confirmed. Due to secure transaction requirements, chain of custody validation is necessary for the development and management of the electronic transportation manifest.

 Motagistics’ Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) provides the perfect marijuana transport software features to streamline management of your orders and order deliveries. Motagistics’ Delivery Management app:

  • Dispatches drivers similar to Uber,
  • Provides GPS tracking of order delivery similar to Dominos,
  • Establishes efficient logistical transportation routes similar to FedEx.

Delivery Notification Features

The following delivery notification features are available within Delivery Management to aid in your search for medical marijuana transportation software.

Automated Dispatching of Order Deliveries

Motagistics’ Delivery Management module streamlines the Seller’s order assignment to the transport company dispatchers or in-house rivers. The selected drivers or transportation companies receive instant notification of available orders for delivery. Additionally, acceptance or denial of the order is made directly through the app. The Seller can also select a dispatching feature below delivery-management-app-with-shadow-on-leftthat suits their business need.

POS Batch Order Notification:

The Batch Notification system allows Seller’s agent to publish a listing of multiple medical marijuana transportation orders available for pickup. Selected secure transport companies receive push notifications to expedite secure medical marijuana transportation.

Smart Notifications:

The automated dispatch feature is user configurable. It allows the Seller’s agent to select and auto-notify drivers within a marijuana delivery management, marijuana secure transportspecified radius of an available pickup location. A configurable maximum response time also limits the driver’s response time to accept delivery notifications via the Delivery Management app. Otherwise, the system can manually or automatically contact the next available driver. The notification process continues until a transporter is scheduled, the order is canceled or times out.

Notify a Specific Driver:

The automated dispatch feature allows the Seller’s agent to select a specific driver for a medical marijuana delivery. Alternatively, selection of a driver can be made from a specified secure transport company.

Transportation Route Optimization

Smart routing with our marijuana secure transport software also saves you time and money. You will not only spend fewer minutes planning your day’s delivery route, but you can also automatically optimize delivery routes. Furthermore, you save drive time and fuel by optimizing routes and minimizing required travel distance for each marijuana delivery vehicle.

Real-Time Tracking and AlertsMotagistics marijuana delivery management, marijuana secure transport software

Buyer, seller and third party transporter (if applicable) automatically receive push notification of order pickup and delivery. Additionally, notifications of late deliveries are pushed out to all parties. Also, a delivery diversion alert notification is pushed to all parties if transporter veers too far off the planned route. Finally, GPS tracking of the transportation vehicle provides real-time location of the medical marijuana delivery vehicles to all parties.

Digital Proof of Delivery

 You can capture digital signatures, notes and also photo verification of the delivery via the Delivery Management app. Your digital proof of delivery is securely stored to your own virtual private server.

Visit the Motagistics home page to sign up for a Motagistics online legal marijuana software demo. See in detail how Motagistics works at its seed to sale core and also features available as add-on modules. Or email your request to

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Motagistics has become your one-stop-shop for many technical and business related services. Contact Us to discuss the many other ways Motagistics can help facilitate the establishment of your legal marijuana business. Our industry partnerships are unparalleled by the competition.

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