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Motagistics, LLC is evolving as an innovator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the medical cannabis industry. This evolving ERP is allowing client use of Motagistics Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) to integrate applications, automations, functions and requirements related to technologies and human services. This has been made possible through collaboration between White Hat, LLC and Keystone Validation Group, Inc.
Founded in 2011, White Hat, LLC of Erie, Michigan has been a provider of web based IT solutions, app deployment, marketing and design in industries that include, but not limited to, manufacturing, realty, radio, distribution, sales, human resources and news media. White Hat has provided POS, web interfaces, menu systems and ecommerce services to greater than 1,200 clients since 2011.
Founded in 1999, Keystone Validation Group, Inc. of Northumberland, Pennsylvania has been a provider of regulatory compliance consulting services with an emphasis on development and validation of computerized systems within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Our clients include, but not limited to, Amgen, Baxter BioScience, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Centocor, Lonza, Medarex, Merck & Company, Morphotek, Schering-Plough, Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer.

More aboutOur Features

Interactive Dashboard

Live monitoring of your business performance from your own interactive dashboard that displays customizable, real time financial and sales metrics.

Growth Tracker

User-friendly seed software enables plant growth management from seed to harvest through easy to use icons representing growth stages.

Product Tracking

Proprietary real-time tracking allows for monitoring and verification of transportation against the transportation manifest. Alerts indicate on time or late deliveries, even off-course transportation.

Product Trace

Our Motag is traceable by local and state authorities equipped with mobile devices and Motagistics tracking App.

Consumables Manufacturing

Stay compliant and register your product recipes with ease and build in your manufacturing methods.

Inventory Management

Create inventory items, associate testing certifications, vendors/customers, pricing, tax categories and payment methods. Quickly generate electronic invoices and transportation manifests.

Inventory Allocation and Forecasting

The Allocation/Forecasting module enables Users to do order forecasts by allocating inventory available and to forecast additional inventory needed.

Online/Offline POS

Dispensary offline POS system enables sales transactions to continue even in the event your internet access is lost.

Integrated E-Commerce

Robust seed to sale client portals allow customers to order and maintain their online account with your business.

Delivery Management

Manage your product deliveries with ease through Motagistics Track & Trace system, which validates all order deliveries and financial transactions.

Vendor Websites

Build your own website through our cannabis software using easy to use, drag and drop website features that easily integrate your product menus with Weedmaps, Leafly, MMJ Menu, THCFinder, PotLocator and many more.

Lab Services

Results of your product potency and safety testing are available in real time and automatically linked to the product's digital chain of custody.

Adverse Event Reporting

Patient reports of adverse effects are reportable through their Dispensary or Physician’s office enabling quick investigation.

Product Recall

Automated product recall (mandatory or voluntary) alerts State agency and limits risk to patients.

Patient Management

App based patient enrollment at Physician’s office

Staff Management

Customize employees’ software access and employment status. Robust access security through login IDs, passwords and PIN numbers. Quickly login with biometric signatures. Monitor employee work history audit trail.

Universal Compatibility

Motagistics Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) is designed to be compatible across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Linux) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge)

Regulatory Compliance

Stay legal through product tracking, traceable chain of custody, regulatory reporting, automated and secure record keeping and audit trail.


Logical security (User device access) is managed through biometric authentication, logon credentials through User ID / password authentication and PIN entry for restricted task authorization. Physical security is managed through Employee ID Card entry and video surveillance APIs