About Us

With cannabis becoming legal in more places (about time!) I think that more people need to become acquainted with it and how to use it.

Hi, my name is David Barton and I have been using medical cannabis for almost a year.

After I developed panic attacks in my final year of college, I felt powerless. The anxiety was so bad that I could barely leave the house. I couldn’t maintain a job, I alienated myself from my friends and family, and I felt downright miserable.

If it weren’t for a particularly pushy friend who got me to see a doctor, I don’t know where I’d be now.

They hooked me up with my medical cannabis card and the results were instant. It was a learning curve for sure, but once I stopped coughing, I was relaxed and felt like I could breathe again.

No one around me used cannabis, so I had to learn all about it on my own while using it. It was more difficult than you might think!

That is why I created my website, to teach anyone else struggling all they need to know about cannabis.

It’s a fun topic to learn about, and I’m sure you’ll all need this information in the future!