12 Best Cannabis Dispensaries

The legalization of marijuana in a number of U.S. states has been welcomed by many. No longer is smoking weed demonized by society.

Today, it is a normal part of everyday life for so many, and, not only that, it brings in a great deal of money to the U.S. and local state economies. 

12 Best Cannabis Dispensaries

Many cannabis connoisseurs consider the various dispensaries across the country to be another huge benefit. A whole host of these boast lavish interiors that welcome thousands of weed lovers every day. 

Today, the legal marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing in America.

Design and architecture firms are creating elegantly designed dispensaries that are a far cry from the blacked-out windows and dubious facilities where cannabis was bought in the past. 

More and more dispensaries are cropping up every year in the U.S. and many are making record breaking profits that even dreams would struggle to conjure up.

Recently, however, there has been a change in some of the most successful dispensaries with chains becoming more popular than ever.

But, with so many dispensaries to choose from, it is challenging to know which ones to check out. That is why we have counted down the 12 best cannabis dispensaries for you to visit. 

Let’s check the playing field of the very best cannabis dispensaries below. 

Best Cannabis Dispensaries In The United States

1. CC101

CC101 has been voted the best cannabis dispensary and is currently one of the leading places to purchase marijuana in California

Based in Sacramento, California, CC101 offers a wide range of the finest concentrates, edibles, and flowers. This dispensary provides a large assortment of cannabis products for people in Sacramento to enjoy.

In fact, it may have some of the largest varieties of cannabis products of any dispensary in California. 

Products on offer include vape pens, cartridges, Sativa, edibles, gears, extracts, and hybrid cannabis. 

Check it out if you’re in Sacramento and let us know what you think of CC101.

2. Curaleaf

Based on revenue alone, Curaleaf is the world’s largest marijuana company. Based in Massachusetts, Curaleaf has over 100 dispensaries across 23 states.

The focus of Curaleaf’s dispensaries is solely on its customers.

They strive to connect their products and strains with their customers. Known for excellent delivery methods, Curaleaf always aims to meet the needs and goals of the people.

Wherever cannabis is sold, Curaleaf’s branded products are available. Just look out for packaging that resembles vitamin products more than marijuana.

So, even if you didn’t know it, you’ve probably already tried some Curaleaf goodness in the past. 

3. Beyond / Hello

Beyond/Hello is a dispensary chain that operates across 20 locations in four states. It is a retail arm of Jushi Holdings, a publicly traded company.

Rather than focusing on wowing its customers with high-end designs, Beyond/Hello has a more customer-driven approach.

It strives to dispense its products carefully and provide education regarding cannabis use with an overall positive, good vibe.

You will always feel welcome at Beyond/Hello and it will certainly be a dispensary you’ll want to visit time and time again. 

4. Truelive

Truelive is one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in the U.S. a publicly traded company, Truelive has over 80 dispensaries nationwide, with this number growing each year.

In fact, today, it represents over half of the market share in Florida alone, which is where the company is based.

Professional and welcoming, the Truelive brand is popular amongst cannabis users, both recreationally and medicinally.

Overall, though, the company’s bread and butter is mostly down to the sales of medical cannabis rather than for recreational use. 

5. Decibel

Alberta based Decibel is a publicly-trade conglomerate but you may know it by its former name, Westleaf. One of the top dispensaries in Canada, Decibel is unique in that it highlights its relationship between marijuana and music. 

The company’s flagship Prairie Records is a retail chain that is designed to feel and appear like a true record store. Here, you can peruse what is on offer and pick products to suit the outcome and feeling you desire.

Decibel is all about being retro. Everything is analog and, although it is very different to some of the most modern, state-of-the art dispensaries in the U.S., it remains a leading operator and one of our favorites. 

6. The Green Solution

The Green Solution is Colorado’s leading dispensary chain. Known for its warm welcome and positive vibes, this cannabis operator has an extremely professional approach in its selling of cannabis products. 

Boasting a quirky interior design, everything about the Green Solution feels edgy and “cool.” But, its customer service is of the highest quality and somewhat old-fashioned.

By this, we mean they are friendly and easy to approach with the company’s branding and marketing being straight to the point and simple. 

Family-owned, it’s great to buy from this dispensary knowing you’re helping support a family.

If this dispensary continues to “fly high” (pun intended), then there’s no reason why we won’t see more family run cannabis dispensaries crop up over the country. 

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7. The Botanist

If you consider yourself to be a socially conscious, urban consumer, then you will feel right at home when shopping for cannabis products at The Botanist.

Owned by Acreage Holdings, a parent company, The Botanist is an upscale joint. Its interior is very stylish with custom woodwork and, as the name suggests, a range of botanical features.

If you want a retail experience of the highest order, then The Botanist is a dispensary you have to try out.

Although The Botanist feels exclusive, the brand owner is far from it. Acreage is the largest vertically integrated owner of marijuana licenses and assets in the U.S. across multiple states. 

8. MedMen

MadMen has over 35 dispensaries nationwide with a number set to open in the coming years. Based in California, MadMen is often referred to as the “Apple” of all dispensaries.

Why? Because in some of its most established sites, it actually does better in terms of sales per square foot than Apple does.

With sales as high as they are, there’s no doubt that MadMen is popular amongst cannabis users.

It has a clever, bold growth strategy and design and we are pretty sure it will continue to become more and more successful over the coming years. So, keep an eye on MadMen! 

9. Green Goods

Green Gods has 14 dispensaries across 4 states, but these numbers are expected to grow rapidly. Today, Green Gods is quickly rising to become a leading player in the marijuana dispensary industry. 

This chain is an offshoot of Vireo Health, a physician-led business. Its main goal is to introduce marijuana care to the public in masses.

Vireo Health is known for trading on its impressive background in medical R & D and for its state-of-the-art design systems but Green Gods has a warmer, more casual feel.

This more relaxed vb has helped win over countless cannabis fans in the four states Green Gods currently operates in. 

10. RISE

Run by Green Thumb Industries, RISE is one of several chains. Dedicated to growing its business quickly, there are already 54 dispensaries in the United States.

Today, it is fast becoming one of the most recognizable marijuana retailers in the country.

Wholly welcoming with a utilitarian design, RISE likes to do things a little differently but with an aim to simply please its customers.

Their main aim, though, is to set the standard for how marijuana should be purchased, and we won’t be surprised if more retailers follow the example set by RISE.

11. Native Roots

With 20 or so dispensaries in Colorado, at the time of writing, Native Roots is regarded as one of the state’s most beloved and eye-catching cannabis dispensary chains of them all.

There is nothing sketchy about this retailer. Its overall vibe is clean and welcoming with its polished concrete flooring, chic botanical-themed wallpaper, and industrial ironwork design.

As soon as you step through the doors at Native Roots, you feel at home. It is the perfect example of how a clever, well-thought out design can help a business start to boom.  

12. Silver Peak 

Based in upmarket Aspen, Colorado, Silver Peak is everything you would expect in such a ritzy place. It is perfect for weed smokers who regard themselves as experts.

But, even if you’re new, the staff will be more than happy to help you in the right direction (Check out How To Staff A Diverse Cannabis Company).

Resembling an upmarket ski lodge, Silver Peak’s design closely resembles the greenhouse where the product they sell is grown.

As soon as you step inside, you feel like you’re in a Gucci or Prada store, and you have to remind yourself that you’re just looking for some sweet, sweet cannabis. 

In Summary

Since the legalization of marijuana in a number of states, we have become blessed with some incredible cannabis dispensaries.

Above are just a selection of our favorites which we hope you will check out and enjoy one day. 

Thanks for reading!!

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