Best Marijuana Transportation Software

The constantly improving landscape of technology, especially when it comes to the internet, has made our world more connected and efficient than ever.

Best Marijuana Transportation Software

You’ll have plenty of experience when it comes to getting things delivered straight to your door, whether it’s products, takeaway food, or something else. 

As you would expect, then, this sort of connected network of e-commerce and delivery has been adopted by the world of marijuana.

After all, people find it a lot more convenient to have their marijuana come straight to their door rather than go to the dispensary to get it. 

However, if your dispensary is looking to get into the e-commerce world of buying and selling over the internet, as well as then organizing and tracking the delivery of the marijuana, then you’ll need the right software.

There are plenty of different marijuana transportation softwares to choose from, but not all of them are going to suit your dispensary and its needs. So how do you find the one that’s right for you?

Thankfully, that’s where we come in! In our detailed guide below, we’ve got a list of the best marijuana transportation software.

With each one, we’ve got a breakdown of the features it offers, which will help you to decide whether it’s the one for you.

After that, we’ve got a Buyers’ Guide, rounding up the sorts of factors that you’ll want to look for in your marijuana transportation software. 

Read on!

Best Marijuana Transportation Software

Route Manager By WorkWave

We’re starting our list off with the Route Manager software that WorkWave offers.

Route Manager isn’t actually exclusively made for marijuana transportation, instead being a piece of software that helps organizations to plan their delivery routes more efficiently, no matter what they’re delivering. 

However, they’ve naturally advertised their software as being able to function as something to help you plan and organize your marijuana delivery too. 

What Does Route Manager Offer?

With Route Manager, your weed dispensary will be able to schedule its marijuana transportation much more easily, clearly, and efficiently.

When you’ve got a lot of different orders to dispatch, and different delivery drivers to dispatch them, it can be really difficult to keep on top of it all sometimes. 

When this happens, it’s very easy for there to be scheduling and dispatching errors, with deliveries overlapping and customers potentially missing out.

Things like this will risk losing your dispensary money, because customers won’t be happy and will likely not return. 

Thankfully, Route Manager helps you to avoid these mistakes, with its efficient dispatch and scheduling features. With their software, you can assign specific deliveries at the click of a button, as well as dispatch the drivers just as easily. 

On top of that, the software allows you to track the drivers. With the use of a detailed map, you can see where your dispatched drivers are, allowing you to keep deliveries to time.

Customers won’t like being told a delivery time that’s then missed, so tracking your drivers will help your dispensary to ensure they stick to time.

Additionally, tracking and scheduling your drivers better will allow you to save on fuel costs too, because the software helps you to plan better routes. 

Even better, the Route Manager software is useful for your customers too, thanks to the notifications it can send to them.

A customer will always want to have regular updates on their delivery, because it allows them to get a better idea of when it’s going to arrive, and when they can get on with their day.

With Route Manager, customers can get SMS text notifications about their marijuana transportation status, links to a live tracker, and photo proof. 

Your marijuana delivery drivers can also download the Route Manager 360 Driver app for their mobiles, which helps them to view their assignments on the go, as well as scan barcodes instantly. 

In Summary

  • Easily schedule your marijiana deliveries 
  • Track and organize delivery drivers
  • Send notifications to customers
  • Keep customers happy with on-time deliveries

AllRide Delivery

AllRide Delivery focuses on multiple different transport and delivery solutions, for a variety of different services, like food, drink, and groceries.

However, they also offer marijuana delivery software, being a particularly useful platform for optimizing and organizing your marijuana transportation business. 

What Does AllRide Delivery Offer?

Since AllRide focuses on a wide variety of delivery businesses, it means that they’ve got plenty of experience, allowing them to refine their software and provide you with a delivery service that’s tested and reliable.

The software is powered by AI, too.

Their Dispatch System is their flagship service, a piece of software that allows you to manage all of the essential parts of your marijuana transportation business.

For a start, it allows you to manage your staff (Check out How To Staff A Diverse Cannabis Company) and delivery drivers, adding new employees with ease and modifying profiles as you go.

It’s all achieved through an intuitive dashboard, too, which is intelligently designed so that even an inexperienced person will be able to navigate it and get the results they want. 

The Dispatch System also allows you to manage your customer relationships, which is arguably the heart of any business.

It’s essential to keep your marijuana customers happy, so that they keep coming back to you for more, rather than taking their business to your competition instead. 

With AllRide, you can easily keep track of their orders, ensuring that they get them on time.

On top of that, you can get helpful insight into how your customers are spending, so that you can provide more of what they want and less of what they don’t. 

Finally, the Dispatch System will allow you to manage your revenue, managing your invoices and making sure that you get paid. Additionally, you can manage any refunds more easily, keeping customers happy.

AllRide Apps

As for the customers themselves, though, they can interact with AllRide too. This is thanks to the customer app. It’s well protected, thankfully, because users can only sign up if they upload proper documentation to verify their age to purchase.

Once they’ve passed that, the app will allow them to search for specific marijuana varieties, track their orders, create wishlists, add addresses, and more.

Similarly, there is a handy delivery app that your marijuana transportation drivers can use. The app will help give your delivery people crucial information, like pick and drop details, as well as GPS navigation to help guide them there via the most efficient, quickest routes.

On top of that, they can update the order status at the tap of a button, making it clear to you and the customers how the order is progressing.

The delivery app also allows you to monitor your employee’s performance, seeing how they’ve been doing and allowing you to know where they might need improvement or extra training.

This helps to keep your marijuana transport business running smoothly, as well as keeping the customers happy with prompt and punctual deliveries.

In Summary

  • AI powered software
  • Dispatch System helps to you manage staff, customer relationships, and revenue
  • Customer app lets customers engage with you
  • Delivery app help your delivery agents perform efficiently

Jungleworks Yelo Cannabis Dispensary Software

Jungleworks Yelo helps users to easily organize and track their marijuana transportation, with their Cannabis Suite full of helpful tools and features.

What Does Jungleworks Yelo Offer?

For a start Jungleworks Yelo have solutions for all types of businesses that might be transporting marijuana: those selling it directly to the customers without a middle man, those delivering it from their medical dispensary storefront, and those who want to partner with the dispensaries because they don’t have cannabis production of their own.

Whatever the case, their software should be able to help you in some way. 

Firstly, the customer gets an app where they can search and filter for specific marijuana products or strains, making it much easier for them to get what they want.

In addition to that, you’ll have the ability to send personalized emails to your customers. 

If you want a successful mariajuna dispensary business, then you’ll need to focus on customer retention, where you keep your customers coming back for more.

Email marketing is a great way to do this, because it keeps your business on their mind. 

As for you, you’ll be able to manage all of your customers from just one screen, making it extremely easy to keep on top of your orders – even if you’ve got a lot of them.

Juggling business is an essential part of company success, and this software should help you do just that. You can also manage your deliveries, looking at the customer’s address details and any specific delivery notes they may have added. 

There is also an Auto-Allocation features, which will use intelligent algorithms (that you decide) to automatically assign specific orders to specific delivery agents.

This should take some of the burden of running a business off your shoulders, as well as ensure deliveries are on time, because it should be assigning them to delivery agents who are closest to the customer.

In Summary

  • Customers can search and filter different marijuana
  •  Manage all of your customers from one screen
  • Auto-Allocation selects the best delivery agents for specific jobs


While Trakop doesn’t specifically offer their software for marijuana transportation, they offer an efficient and excellent service that helps any business to manage their drivers, customers, and inventories with ease.

As a result, it’s a great choice for organizing your marijuana transportation.

What Does Trakop Offer?

With Trakop, you get a business dashboard full of features that will help you to run your marijuana dispensary smoothly and efficiently.

Best Marijuana Transportation Software (1)

You’ll be able to plan the best route with the route planning map, allowing you to find the quickest and most efficient ways to transport the marijuana to your customers, and cutting down on fuel usage. 

Similarly, you’ll be able to track your delivery drivers, ensuring that they’re following the correct paths and making their stops on time.

A delivery business will only succeed if the customers are getting their goods on time, and tracking your drivers is the best way to manage that.

You’ll also be able to manage all of the customer orders, keeping on top of all the business you need to do.

Billing management will also help to ensure that you’re getting your money from the customers, too, while weekly and monthly sales reports will help you see how your business is growing financially – and what areas might need fixing.

Traktop Apps

As for the customers, they can use a mobile app that helps them engage more with your business. With the app, they can track their marijuana orders, allowing them to see how long it’s likely to be until they receive their goods.

They can also schedule their deliveries through the app with just a few taps. Multiple payment options give the customers flexibility, too, making it more likely that they can pay the way they want to.

There is also an app for delivery people to use in the field, allowing them to work much more efficiently and easily, with all the data and information they need in the palm of their hands.

This app will allow them to track order details, remind them about deliveries, and find the most optimized routes to take thanks to the easy navigation tool. Auto-assigning and auto-dispatch tools will also help to save time.

In Summary

  • Manage your business and track drivers easily
  • Track your sales properly and manage billings
  • Customer app allows customers to schedule, track, and pay
  • Driver app shows optimized delivery routes

Buyers’ Guide

When you’re picking out the best marijuana transportation software, there are a range of different features that you’ll want to be looking for.

You’ll have noticed a lot of these features popping up again and again in our list, but we’re going to summarize and expand on them here. 

Optimized Routes

If you want your marijuana delivery business to run smoothly, then you’re going to need optimized routes.

With lots of different delivery slots to keep to, and lots of customers to keep happy, it’s essential that your delivery drivers are making every delivery on time. 

The best way to manage this is through optimized routes, which lots of marijuana transportation software will help you to create.

Many will find the optimal route automatically, then display it on a map that your delivery agents can access. 

Another benefit of optimized routes is that they save on fuel usage, which is both good for the environment and your business’ financials. 

Organizing Delivery Agents

If you’ve got a lot of delivery agents to manage at any one time, it can be overwhelming.

For this reason, you should find marijuana transportation software that allows you to organize and manage your delivery agents easily, typically all from one screen.

Easily managing their profiles and assigning them to orders is a must, so that everybody knows what their jobs are and what they should be doing.

Auto-Assigning Delivery Agents

Better yet, you might want a marijuana transportation software that auto-assigns specific deliveries to certain delivery agents.

It can take a lot of time and management to assign the jobs yourself, and this also leaves room for error.

After all, you might assign jobs to delivery agents who aren’t in the area, when other agents would have been better. As a result, you could miss delivery times – and lose customers.

Some software, though, will use AI to determine which are the best delivery agents to assign specific deliveries too. This takes the weight off your shoulders and makes your business run more smoothly. 

Multiple Payment Methods

It’s very useful for the marijuana transportation software to allow your customers to use a variety of different payment methods.

With so many different payment methods available today, it’ll be convenient for customers to pay how they want. If they can’t, they’re unlikely to come back.


You’ll want to find a marijuana transportation software that comes with apps for both your customers and your delivery agents.

For the customers, having an app allows them to quickly and easily engage with your business, placing orders and tracking their deliveries.

For the delivery agents, on the other hand, it allows them to have constantly up to date data about their deliveries. Additionally, it’ll help them to GPS navigate their routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A TMS?

TMS stands for Transportation Management System, and it’s the name given to logistics systems that use technology so that companies can plan and execute their deliveries, as well as optimize their transportation performance.

Technology can make so much in life become streamlined and efficient, and transporting legal marijuana is no different. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve got a marijuana transportation business, then you’ll want to use technology to help run it more smoothly and efficiently.

Use our guide to find the best marijuana transportation software, which should be able to help you to manage customers, track delivery agents, organize your business, and more.

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