How To Staff A Diverse Cannabis Company

How To Staff A Diverse Cannabis Company

The cannabis industry has grown exponentially over the past decades as more and more states and countries around the world have decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana. Yet, despite its progressive field and product focus, the cannabis sector is still very biased and undiversified, with 90% of cannabis chief executive officers being white and men. … Read more

What You Need To Know About Cannabis Labs [Setup + Training]

What You Need To Know About Cannabis Labs [Setup + Training]

Cannabis consumption has become increasingly appropriate in the minds of the general public throughout the United States, making these years an excellent moment to break into the industry. If you endeavor to do that by opening a cannabis lab, then there are some things you need to know before doing so. Cannabis labs have a … Read more

What Are The Best Edibles?

What Are The Best Edibles

To the uninitiated, marijuana edibles may appear to be restricted to weed brownies and muffins. However, that is far from the truth. What is the truth, you ask? That edibles constitute a totally different and gigantic world within the marijuana multiverse and the best of them might not be weed brownies. Even though they are … Read more

What Does Bing Bong Mean? – The Whole Story

What Does Bing Bong Mean - The Whole Story

It seems like for the past year everyone’s been chanting ‘Bing Bong’ on the streets. This little phrase has spread all over the country with people who are on social media using it every day. But what does ‘Bing Bong’ mean and what is the story behind it? If you are older but have kids … Read more

Smart Approaches To Marijuana- What You Need To Know!

Smart Approaches To Marijuana- What You Need To Know!

The demand for cannabis in the United States has been growing steadily for decades, with the industry booming in accordance. The use of the drug is currently at an all-time high, especially among young adults.  Despite the huge popularity of the drug, many outspoken critics dedicate their time voicing their opposition to the legalization and … Read more

Can You Use Medical Cannabis In Costa Rica?

Can You Use Medical Cannabis In Costa Rica

In March 2022, Costa Rica’s Congress approved a law allowing the production and sale of cannabis for medicinal and industrial uses, even for use as a food additive. Marijuana use, possession and cultivation for recreational purposes will remain illegal. Many countries in Latin America have legalized medical cannabis, including Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru. Regardless, … Read more

Is Weed Legal In Pennsylvania?

Is Weed Legal In Pennsylvania (1)

There have been big shake-ups in the weed world recently all across the United States, with major states finally legalizing recreational marijuana. For example, states like New York and New Jersey have both legalized weed.  With all this change, it can sometimes be difficult to know which states still haven’t legalized it yet. After all, … Read more