GKUA Proprietary Strain Review

In December 2019, music mogul, Lil’ Wayne, did what everyone expected and jumped into the cannabis industry with his own cannabis range known as GKUA Ultra Premium.

While the strain selection itself is somewhat limited, the brand contains an Indica and two hybrids. Unlike some other brands producing the same potency, these buds won’t burn your throat when inhaled. 

GKUA Proprietary Strain Review

Across all three strains, the flower itself could be considered one of the best strains in the range. 

Although, having said that, this particular strain is much harder to find than other brands and it lacks in selection. In the range, there is only one pre-rolled option available, and there are no Sativa strains obtainable. 

The pre-rolled blunt is only available in one strain, Mr. Carter OG, and it contains a slightly lower potency (with a difference of around 6-7%) than the flower version. Both strains invoke intense cerebral relaxation and an urge for the munchies. 

With this in mind, this article will review the GKUA proprietary strain to find out whether or not it is worth the price. 

About GKUA

GKUA Ultra Premium flower could be considered an inspiring, elevating strain that is producing consumers with one of the best highs of their lives. 

The products are available across five states with over 400 cannabis dispensaries. Plus, each jar, vape cartridge, and pre-roll is tried and tested by Mr. Dwayne “Lil’ Wayne” Carter himself – nothing exits the dispensaries without his approval. 

For fans of Lil Wayne, his music and cannabis usually come hand-in-hand – with Lil Wayne lighting a blunt before taking you on a journey through his music. 

As previously mentioned, the brand first launched in December 2019 in California and was greeted with much fanfare – manufacturing some of the best cannabis products in the world. 

GKUA Ultra Premium prides itself on sourcing its flowers from the most experienced growers, producing strains that are very exclusive and potent – with some of the highest natural THC levels available. 

Partnering with award-winning Harmony Extracts in Colorado, GKUA brought these terpene-rich, potent strains to market alongside some incredible live sauces, live concentrates, and oils to the state. 

With this in mind, below, we are honored to provide you with an exclusive review of the GKUA Ultra Premium cannabis strains. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

GKUA Highlights

GKUA Ultra Premium guarantees “the best high of your life” producing you with a high-potency flower that won’t let you down. 

The brand itself emphasizes “purity” by producing you with some of the highest naturally occurring levels of THC available – and you can sure feel it! 

The flavor is light and the inhales are smooth and full. The flower itself is high-quality which can be seen in its gorgeous, large fuzzy buds, as well as in the orange-haired pistils found in the Indica. 

While the price point may be on the higher side, this is reflected in its high-quality buds and smooth high – it is well worth the price point. 


  • Very potent 
  • Total body and mind high
  • Purer THC 


  • Limited selection
  • No easily accessible

Mr. Carter OG By GKUA Ultra Premium

You may find the flavor of Mr. Carter OG lingering on the tip of your tongue – which is always great! When tried and tested, this was a heady one for us; feeling it in both our forehead and eyebrows. 

As the blunt continued, we became more relaxed with our eyelids softener, and a sweet smile followed shortly afterward. Mr. Carter OG will lift your mood and keep you focused on what needs to be done. 

All your distractions will be evaporated with one inhale of the smoke, allowing you to have a clear mind on the task at hand. 

Plus, you may experience feelings of socialness – which you can never go wrong with, especially with those who may struggle in social situations and need an extra hand. 

By the end of the blunt, you’ll be ready to socialize, talking about explicit, intellectual topics while being elevated and happy – you’re sure to bring the most enthusiasm, and be excited… about everything. 


  • 30%+ THC
  • Indica
  • Flavor: Piney with hints of lemon throughout 
  • Impact: Inspired, happy, and social 
  • Lil Wayne tested and approved

Slime By GKUA Ultra Premium 

For us, Slime could be considered a real, heady high. With feelings of a deep tissue massage in your third eye halfway through the experience. 

As we continued smoking the cannabis, the strain went into the full-blown forehead massage that provided us with feelings of euphoria – like we were lounging on some clouds in the sky. 

Slime carried us like a newborn baby, cradling us close and gently setting us down on a warm fluffy bed, kissing our forehead, and leaving us to enjoy the high, as well as the gratitude and energy that came alongside it. 

Plus, we also got intense feelings of creativity and motivation. That report you have been setting aside is sure to be completed before the end of your high. As the high settled in, we were fully in the zone, ready to complete our whole to-do lists. 

Through all the noise and chaos of the world, we were focusing on the pockets of silence and using this space to settle into the zone. 

Within this headspace, clarity and content ideas were flowing out of use. 


  • 25%+ THC
  • Hybrid
  • Flavor: Floral/ Nature
  • Impact: Creativity, energizing, focus, and euphoric 
  • Lil Wayne tested and approved

The Goblin By GKUA Ultra Premium

The Goblin By GKUA Ultra Premium

Hybrid variations are known for their incredible balance, and the Goblin provides just that and more. 

This is best used in the afternoon or during periods when you need to socialize with friends or at a party. For the first smoke, you’ll experience an intense cerebral rush which makes socializing a breeze and breaks the ice instantly with new people. 

The full-body stoney effect brings with it a calming property that will have people seeing you as the most chill person in the room. 

As its name suggests, this strain will hit your head first, then travels through your body like the goblin. The hybrid itself is potent, focusing primarily on an intense cerebral impact that hits you almost instantly – taking the edge off things and allowing you to enjoy a peaceful high. 

While we wouldn’t recommend picking this up for a last-minute deadline, if you’re looking to take a peaceful stroll along the beach at night, then this is the exact cannabis you’ll want in your stash. 


  • 27%+ THC
  • Hybrid
  • Flavor: Floral, sweet, and grape
  • Impact: Chill, heavy, and relaxing
  • Lil Wayne tested and approved

G.O.A.T By GKUA Ultra Premium

This was another heady high for us. The G.O.A.T tentatively rubbed our temples, and a quarter way through the blunt, your brain will connect with the reason for this. 

Halfway through the blunt, you’ll feel G.O.A.T massaging your forehead, so much so that you’ll find yourself closing your eyes and settling down on the couch. From here, you may even find yourself talking to the blunt saying something like “no wonder you’re called the G.O.A.T!”

Here, you’ll experience a focus like no other! Everything from nature’s music – such as pigeons and birds singing, to the wind blowing through the crisp leaves, as well as the faint sounds of birds flapping their wings – to the daily activities happening around you. 

You’ll feel as if your body is in one place and your mind is wandering freely across the realm – like your head is in the clouds and you’re watching down below. 

You may even feel an intense connection to the source throughout the high as if you’re dropped off in a remote location to contemplate everything happening around you. 

By the end of the blunt, you’ll be asking yourself deep questions while having a burning desire to know the answers to your questions.

You’ll question everything from daylight saving time to the light in your refrigerator – which can be both enlightening and confusing. This high will leave you full of questions and inspiration. 


  • 25%+ THC
  • Indica
  • Flavor: A combination of nature and sweet
  • Impact: Connected, inspired, and tuned in 
  • Lil Wayne tested and approved

Final Thoughts

With many different strains of cannabis available to purchase, on an ever-growing market, it’s important you receive the very best products out there. 

Sometimes when celebrities come out with products, they can feel somewhat gimmicky. However, that can’t be said about this cannabis. 

Lil Wayne and cannabis have become synonymous with one another. Therefore, you know you’ll be getting the very best products since they are tested and approved by the musician himself. 

From Slime, Mr. Carter OG, G.O.A.T, and The Goblin, each provides a different high with different flavors and impacts. Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about the GKUA brand and its products.

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