Is Weed Legal In Oregon?

If you are visiting Oregon and want to know if you are able to use weed either recreationally, or medicinally, this is the right place to check.

The recreational use of cannabis has been legalized for those over the age of 21 in Oregon since July of 2016 and the medicinal use has been legal for even longer.

Is Weed Legal In Oregon?

However, there are still certain restrictions in place over the way cannabis is used, and even more restrictions when it comes to the cultivation of cannabis.

The specific law; Measure 91, is what has made it legal to own or consume cannabis, however, this has not made it legal within Oregon to grow or to sell cannabis.

If you are planning to visit Oregon and you are worried about the specifics of these rules, we have you covered.

This article has the dos and don’ts for weed consumption and other practices when in this state, and will also give you some information about what the cannabis culture is like in the state so you can understand what the atmosphere is like for cannabis consumption in this area.

What You Should Know When Visiting Oregon?

If you are planning to visit Oregon and want to maybe partake in use of cannabis in whatever form, there are some rules you should know so you understand what is and is not legal within this state.

You Cannot

  • You will not be able to smoke cannabis, or to consume cannabis edibles within a public space, or within public view. This will include areas like the Oregon Convention Center, most restaurants, cafés, bars, the sidewalk, or parks, or anything similar to this. Doing this is a class B felony and if you are caught you will end up with a fine which can get as high as $1000.
  • You are also not allowed to smoke cannabis within most hotel rooms. You may be able to find a specific hotel or space to stay which does allow this, but it is safe to assume that this is not allowed.
  • Furthermore, you are not allowed to bike or drive while you are under the influence of cannabis
  • You are not allowed to transport any cannabis over the state boundaries, or over waterways.
  • There are specific cities in the state of Oregon where it is illegal to even possess or smoke cannabis in private, so make sure you are checking the specific rules of where you are visiting in Oregon.

You Can

  • It is legal to buy cannabis from specific places. There are specifically limited amounts of cannabis which you are free to purchase from vendors who have a license from the state to sell this product for recreational use.
  • You are able to consume cannabis if you are on private property as well as out of public view.
  • People are allowed to possess no more than an ounce of cannabis at one time.
  • People are allowed to share their cannabis as well as give it away and receive it. This is of course taking into account whether the parties involved are all over the age of 21.

The rules surrounding cannabis use in Oregon are quite straightforward and easy to follow.

You want to ensure that when you are consuming cannabis you are not doing it anywhere on or visible from public property, and to get it from a state registered vendor.

And of course before even considering cannabis use, you should check whether cannabis is allowed in the specific city which you are in!

Cannabis Culture In Oregon

Cannabis Culture In Oregon

Oregon has been one of the leading states in the US when it comes to the legalization of cannabis, and they were the first state to legalize it at any level back in 1973.

While, as you can tell from the laws surrounding the use of cannabis, there are still some quite strict restrictions surrounding the use of cannabis, due to the state’s association with this product, the state has built up more of a cannabis culture than other states which have legalized it more recently.

This is why many cannabis users come to Oregon as a way of enjoying this product due to all the different farms and other tourist attractions related to the product which are in this state alone.

If you want to visit a state with a vibrant cannabis culture, then going to Oregon is a great choice, and while you should not be consuming cannabis on public property, there are plenty of friendly private locations where consumption of cannabis is not just allowed, but encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Smoke Weed In Oregon?

It is legal to possess and smoke weed in a lot of places in Oregon, however there are some specific cities in the state where owning cannabis is still illegal.

It is also still illegal for cannabis to be consumed in public places, or within the view of public places. You will are also not allowed to have more than an ounce on you in public, or more than eight ounces in your house.

Can Is Smoke Weed In My Car In Oregon?

If you are within view of public spaces, it will be illegal to smoke weed in your car in Oregon. It is also a severe crime to drive or bike while you are under the influence of weed in Oregon.

Where Can I Buy Weed In Oregon?

If a vendor has been able to get a license from the state, they are able to legally sell cannabis and if you are over the age of 21, you are able to buy cannabis from one of these vendors.


Hopefully this article has given you all the information you need to ensure that you know all the rules surrounding consumption of Cannabis in Oregon.

While there is a vibrant cannabis culture present, there are also plenty of restrictions in place which should be followed, especially if you are a visitor who is not local to the state.

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