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Seed to Sale Software SuiteMotagistics, LLC is sponsoring this MotaBlog page for the sharing and enrichment of medical cannabis knowledge.

Motagistics is an American owned and operated company and a leader in the development and implementation of seed to sale software for the legalized medical cannabis industry. Motagistics LLC is known to be a leader in terms of development as well as implementation of logistical management software. While Motagistics’ Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) products included seed to sale inventory and tracking at its core, its  e-commerce. build-to-suit, architecture is tailored to the specific business processes and regulatory compliance needs of the budding and quasi-regulated State medical cannabis markets.

Motagistics’ next generation of logistical software is enabling businesses to manage the quickly evolving medical marijuana industry through a partnership mentality, working with vendors to identify and address unrealized needs of the medical cannabis market. Such partnerships enable the vendors to effectively manage compliance with financial reporting and excise tax regulations through Point of Sale (POS) functionality offered as a separate Motagistics 4s module. Motagistics 4s POS modules offers next generation e-management, e-finance, e-process, e-marketing and e-advertising business functionality for all medical cannabis vendors. Reference Chapter 3 for an in-depth review of Motagistics dispensary POS module.

Motagistics is evolving as an innovator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the medical cannabis industry. This evolving ERP is allowing client use of Motagistics Seed to Sale Software Suite to integrate applications, automations, functions and requirements related to technologies and human services. This has been made possible through collaboration between White Hat, LLC and Keystone Validation Group, Inc.

Founded in 2011, White Hat, LLC of Erie, Michigan has been a provider of web based IT solutions, app deployment, marketing and design in industries that include, but not limited to, manufacturing, realty, radio, distribution, sales, human resources and news media. White Hat has provided POS, web interfaces, menu systems and ecommerce services to greater than 1,200 clients since 2011.

Founded in 1999, Keystone Validation Group, Inc. of Northumberland, Pennsylvania has been a provider of regulatory compliance consulting services with an emphasis on development and validation of computerized systems within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Our clients include, but not limited to, Amgen, Baxter BioScience, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Centocor, Lonza, Medarex, Merck & Company, Morphotek, Schering-Plough, Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer.

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