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Cannabis Compliance as a Service Software for all Vendor Types

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Cannabis Compliance as a Service (CaaS): Regulatory Workflow Requirements Built Into Your Custom Cannabis Business Software

Motagistics’ Cannabis Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution is a cloud-based, easy-to-deploy SaaS offering for compliance minded cannabis vendors looking for a simple solution to everyday compliance with cannabis regulations.

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“We have apps for that!” Manage your cannabis business from anywhere you have mobile or WiFi access.

Run your cannabis business and manage cannabis compliance all from your mobile device, on premise or off. 

Motagistics’ cloud based cannabis Compliance as a Service oriented SaaS solution enables simple and reliable compliance. That’s a lot to say! But Motagistics delivers more features and services to the cannabis vendors than any other software vendor in the industry. Demo our products and services today and see for yourself.

Motagistics’ cannabis seed to sale software incorporates automated methods of regulatory compliance for the everyday business workflows of cannabis vendors. Therefore, cannabis vendor software leads the user step-by-step through business workflows developed with compliance in mind. Motagistics helps you stay current with the ongoing and growing burden of regulatory requirements. Consequently, there is no need for expensive cannabis consultants or added personnel to ensure a compliant cannabis business.

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When the Feds are Ready Motagistics is Ready

Motagistics FDA Ready Cannabis Software offers Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

This innovative Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution, hosted and managed in a compliant private cloud, meets the regulatory needs and even the regulations of the Federal Food and Drug Associate (FDA). If and when the Federal government decides to regulate the cannabis industry, Motagistics has already prepared for the big changes in regulations the Cannabis vendors will face from the FDA, including the may added regulations over software compliance. With decades of software experience in the pharmaceutical FDA regulated industry, Motagistics cannabis seed to sale software solution is FDA Ready. As such, if and when federal regulations are here, there will be no downtime in your software service in order to comply with federal regulations new to the cannabis industry. 

Motagsitcs’ Cannabis CaaS Software combines:

  • High-performing, multi-asset compliance software
  • Integrated regulatory and benchmark features
  • Up-to-date compliance rule interpretation and workflow development services, maintenance and support
  • Seamless upgrades and 24/7 support
  • Securely managed and easily accessible data

The cannabis Compliance as a Service solution extends the cannabis vendor’s compliance organization. For example, CaaS helps fulfill regulatory mandates and re
quirements, improves operations and risk controls, and supports growth while lowering cannabis vendor operating costs. Motagistics’ cannabis CaaS solution is ideal for the regulated, chain of custody oriented cannabis vendor. For example, CaaS enables compliant asset management, order and delivery track and trace, highly regulated and controlled quality assurance. that requires a compliance solution capable of scaling from the most straightforward to the most complex business scenarios.

One Cannabis Software Platform for Multiple Lines of Business

Motagistics’ cannabis clients manage multiple business lines (locations) on one platform, leveraging synergies, providing business wide ability to manage risk, and reducing the time and cost of bringing new cannabis products to market. Additionally, enterprise-class scalability and performance have made the Motagistics compliance seed to sale solution a trusted platform for the highly regulated cannabis vendors.

FDA Ready Cannabis Compliance Workflows and Analytics

Because Motagistics’ automated compliance workflows are proven effective in Statcannabis compliance as a service, cannabis quality assurance software, cannabis QA, Motagistics cannabis CaaS software, Motagistics QA Softwaree and even FDA regulated pharmaceutical industry, we’re FDA Ready now! With Motagistics expect no compliance delays in the future. Even when the federal government decides to legalize and regulate cannabis, Motagistics is FDA Ready. Due to our web-based products, your business regulatory compliance information is securely available at your fingertips from anywhere. Additionally, vendor compliance data is securely available online to your regulatory agency. Therefore,
regulatory agencies can stop interrupting your staff for the regulatory information they require of your cannabis business.

In addition, the cannabis CaaS solution supports compliance rule building, testing and maintenance, customizable reporting and a complete audit trail history. Furthermore, Motagsitics’ CaaS software solution is a scalable compliance engine. Finally, a compliance solution that supports high volumes of business transactions, compliance rules, tracking and traceability of assets. Because Motagistis’ cannabis Compliance as a Service is free with our basic vendor software packages, there’s no reason for non-compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Validate compliance of your processes and products. You can check compliance at any point in the product lifecycle: pre-production, in-production, post-production and end-of-day
  • Streamline workflows by incorporating compliance rules into ‘what-if’ analysis
  • Reduce risk and resolve issues with an end-to-end audit trail
  • Generate compliance trend reports to show compliance ‘as of’ for any historical date
  • Calculate and monitor in real-time your excise and/or sales tax liabilities
  • Remotely monitor/manage pre-/post-execution compliance issues; respond to alerts/warnings via optional ‘Compliance Anywhere’ applications on any Android, iOS or Microsoft device.CaaS, Compliance as a Service, Cannabis CaaS, Cannabis Compliance as a Service, Marijuana CaaS, Marijuana Compliance as a Service, Cannabis Compliance Software, Cannabis CaaS Software, Motagistics Compliance as a Services, Motagistics CaaS

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