Cannabis Quality Assurance Software: Effective & Safe

Cannabis Quality Assurance Software: Necessary Expectations for Seed to Sale Software for Legislatures in Boston, Massachusetts

Seed to Sale Tracking Features are not All to Consider in Build-to-Suit Cannabis Software.

Cannabis quality assurance software requirements are integral to successful implementation of seed to sale software programs existing, or being considered in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Medical cannabis lawmakers seeking seed to sale cannabis tracking software are focusing on software capabilities to increase role of quality assurance and patient safety programs.

Cannabis maintains a Schedule I drug status as the Federal government has not yet recognized the use of cannabis products for legitimate medical use. Contrarily, regulatory agencies in many States are facilitating  legalized cannabis markets. Cannabis states must now govern the medical use of cannabis and/or its derivatives as a human drug product. Traditionally, regulation of drug products is the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since enactment of the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Due to a lack of federal government support, individual legal cannabis states are solely responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of medical cannabis laws. This responsibility is new at a State level. By legalizing the human use of cannabis in any manner, cannabis States have significantly furthered their responsibility to protect the public health. States must ensure their cannabis market is safe, free from adulteration, acts of fraud and in conformance with quality standards. Quite simply, States must be able to assure the safety, effectiveness, quality, and security of the cannabis products sold as human drugs.

Motagistics’ Build-to-Suit Electronic Tracking Technology is Supported by QA Software Experience Unparalleled by other Developers of Medical Marijuana Software.

As such, Motagistics, LLC is pioneering customizable, SaaS configured seed to sale software utilizing an extensive FDA regulatory background. Motagistics puts an emphasis on Quality Assurance and regulatory compliance workflows when developing software solutions. This is due to the extensive experience in FDA regulated industries with development of proven automated QA tools. Motagistics believes cannabis States can further the legitimacy of legal cannabis as a human drug product.  Hence, oversight of the medical marijuana industry must be recognized nationally as responsible, transparent, secure and patient safety oriented. Cannabis quality assurance software development by Motagistics incorporates best industry practices used in the federally regulated drug industry.

Do you have sufficient processes in place to assure a high level of quality for your medical cannabis program?

Motagistics can assist State regulatory agencies identify and work through quality pitfalls associated with regulating a human drug product. As drug product regulation is a new responsibilities for States, it’s certainly understandable when they encounter difficulties unexpected quality issues. Motagistics assists regulatory agencies avoid these pitfalls. Frequent and proactive discussions with State advisory committees and advocate groups. Hence, Motagistics’ recommendations of effective quality assurance methods are well received. This is attributable the proven track record of these QA methods successfully implemented in FDA regulated industries. As such, Motagistics’ experience enables the images-1development and incorporation of these quality methods into automation available to State medical cannabis programs.

 While Motagistics’ primary focus is on build-to-suit seed to sale tracking software for the medical cannabis industry, development doesn’t stop there. Motagistics’ Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) platform also provides for customizable modules for the aforementioned compliance tools. These QA modules consist of Motagistics’ methods that are quick and simple to achieve compliance with State regulations. Furthermore, the quality assurance standards Motagistics’ quality workflows are built upon are on the level with FDA regulated industries. Motagistics tailors cannabis quality assurance software to the specific needs of each legal cannabis market. This enables effective implementation and oversight of State seed to sale software programs. Consequently, automated quality and compliance tools significantly increase program accuracy, efficiency and oversight while greatly reducing necessary costs.

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