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German State Invests €800K into Hemp Startup

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The German state of Baden-Württemberg is funding hemp supplier Signature Products with about €800,000 ($938,983 USD) for the development of a regional hemp protein value chain, EU-Startups reports. Signature Products is one of the largest ‘Made-in-Germany’ hemp suppliers in Europe.

Signature Products Managing Director Florian Pichlmaier described the state committment as a signal toward sustainable, plant-based productsespecially for hemp.

“We are already looking forward to job creation, joint development and research with the University of Hohenheim, as well as the delicious regional consumer products, which we hope will soon be found in food retailers.”Pichlmaier to EU-Startups

Signature Products focuses on hemp raw materials such as seeds, protein, extracts, and cannabinoid extraction. The company has launched over 40 private label customers in Germany and is currently expanding into Spain, France, and other European Union countries, the report says. Its BUDDY brand serves as a market research brand to help Signature better understand its customers and their needs.

The company plans to develop protein-rich foods using hemp, including pasta and tofu, using hemp cultivated in the region. The project aims to creates regionally produced food that is more sustainable, increasing the self-sustainability of Germany, while creating agriculture and food production jobs, the report says.

The investment by the state is part of the BIPL-Innovation funding program.

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Author: TG Branfalt

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