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Uruguay to Increase Cannabis THC Content & Consider Tourist Sales

terry roston

Uruguay, which legalized adult-use cannabis in 2013, will increase the THC content of cannabis sold in pharmacies and will consider allowing tourists to purchase cannabis products, according to an EFE report.

Since 2017, Uruguayan adults aged 18 or older have been able to enter a government registry to purchase recreational cannabis from state-licensed pharmacies. But while pharmacies have only been dispensing cannabis products since 2017, personal cultivation and cannabis cultivation clubs—where up to 45 registered adults can share a space to cultivate and consume cannabis—have been available since 2014.

Pharmacies currently dispense two strains of cannabis called ALFA and BETA which respectively contain about 9% THC and 3% CBD. Officials hope that by increasing the THC content of commercially available cannabis, the products will better compete with those grown in the cannabis clubs—which average a THC content of about 20%—according to the report.

Concerning tourist sales, Daniel Radío, the general secretary for Uruguay’s National Drug Board, said on Monday that any change was unlikely to take effect this tourist season but that he will study the possible effects of letting international visitors to the country buy cannabis products, including how it may boost Uruguay’s overall tourism attraction.

Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2013 under the leadership of former President José Mujica.

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Author: Graham Abbott

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Panama Legalizes Medical Cannabis

terry roston

Panama on Monday legalized medical cannabis becoming the seventh Latin American countrybut the first in Central Americato approve the reforms, according to a Jurist report. The bill passed the national assembly unanimously after five years of attempts.

Home cultivation of cannabis remains illegal under the law and the illegal production and sale of cannabis is still punishable by up to 10-15 years in prison. Advertising cannabis products will also remain prohibited.

The measure allows very limited commercial cultivation in Panama while relying on imports in pill and liquid forms, the report says. The Ministry of Health is tasked with distributing medical cannabis products to licensed pharmacies. Under the law, pharmacies must apply for a permit to sell medical cannabis and pass a site inspection.

The bill also requires the creation of a registry for medical cannabis patients and allows research on the plant, Reuters reports. The measure includes language allowing medical cannabis for pets, according to Canex.

Assembly President Crispiano Adames described the legislationwhich still requires the signature of President Laurentino Cortizoas “innovative.”

Another Central American nation, Costa Rica, is also considering a measure to legalize medical cannabis and hemp in the nation, according to Canex. That bill is expected to be taken up by lawmakers this month.

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Author: TG Branfalt

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