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Maine Cannabis Sales Hit $10M+ for the First Time

terry roston

Cannabis sales in Maine set yet another record in August, topping $10 million in one month for the first time, according to a WMTW report citing Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) figures. The previous record of $9.43 million was set in July.

According to the OMP statistics, there were about 134,000 cannabis transactions at cannabis retailers, which totaled $10,220,445 and generated $1,022,175 in tax revenues for the state.

From June to August, Maine cannabis sales topped $26.1 million; sales in June were $6.5 million.

At the end of August, there were 53 active retail store licenses with 185 others in the application process, the report says.

The state has set successive monthly sales records since the launch of adult-use sales in October 2020almost four years after the reforms were approved by voters. The rollout of the market was delayed first by staunch opposition by former Republican Gov. Paul LePage and then by the coronavirus pandemic.

When adult-use cannabis sales were launched, there were just six active licenses in the state. The first month included 21,194 transactions for a total of about $1.4 million in revenue.

No municipality in Maine has completely opted out of the adult-use market, with some allowing only retail sales, cultivation, manufacturing, testing, or a combination.

Underground Dispensary
Author: TG Branfalt

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Studio Linear: Customized Cannabis Branding, Packaging, & More

terry roston

Studio Linear is a female-owned creative design firm in Maine that specializes in the cannabis and CBD industries. From marketing, brand strategy and messaging, web design, unique product packaging, photography, and even typography, Studio Linear brings a powerhouse team of creative professionals who work together to bring cannabis brands to life and set them on the path toward a successful future.

Company founder Andrea Beaulieu says she first started Studio Linear as a side hustle, working hard out of her own kitchen in the evenings after the kids had gone to bed. Her continued dedication to the project had built a strong foundation for the company when it officially launched as a full-time agency in 2018. The company started out working for brands across a wide variety of industries—early clients included record labels, musicians, and food and beverage companies—but in 2019, Studio Linear took on its first cannabis client in Garden Remedies, a Massachusetts-based dispensary.

That project won the gold in Integrated Marketing Campaigns at the Broderson Awards (an annual creative design awards show). Following that successful experience working with the cannabis industry, Studio Linear decided to shift gears in 2020 and work exclusively with cannabis and lifestyle brands.

“We found that this was the one industry that allowed us to be as creative as we could possibly imagine and love the process,” said Andrea Beaulieu, Studio Linear’s founder and creative director. “We love package design and dreaming up unique experiences for consumers. That magical unboxing moment is huge and we love dreaming up that experience for our clients.”

When taking on a new project, the team starts their process with a discovery call to chat with and understand their client’s vision. They conduct a brand audit and discuss brand strategy, identity, design goals/possibilities, and more. Ultimately, Studio Linear promises to establish (or reestablish) a full branding package including logos, fonts, custom illustrations, brand guides, and more.

The team also considers the vision and creative input they get from clients and works to ensure they have some personal experience with the brands they represent.

“We love trying the products our clients create, from new CBD oils to tasty THC-infused lemonades,” Beaulieu said. “We truly have the best job in the world!”

While the firm is based in Maine, Studio Linear is digitally mobile and works with cannabis brands from around the country. They guarantee all brand packaging and marketing campaigns are appropriately compliant with each operator’s local market regulations. Studio Linear also collaborates with other top, female-owned photography firms throughout the U.S. and can make professional recommendations for product photography whenever said products are unable to cross state lines.

To learn more and/or get in touch, visit

Underground Dispensary
Author: Graham Abbott

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Maine’s Residency Requirement for Medical Cannabis Companies

terry roston

A federal judge on Wednesday that Maine cannot prohibit out-of-state companies from operating medical cannabis dispensaries in the state, the Portland Press Herald reports. The ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Torresen favored the state’s largest cannabis company, Wellness Connection of Maine, and its Delaware-based parent company High Street Capital Partners, who had filed the suit challenging rules that required medical cannabis companies to be owned by Mainers.

Last May, the state reached a legal agreement with Wellness Connection which prevented the Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) from enforcing the four-year residency requirement for companies to own adult-use cannabusinesses in the state. Taken together with Torresen’s ruling, out-of-state firms can now open either medical or adult-use dispensaries in Maine.

The in-state licensing preference was included in both the state’s medical cannabis and adult-use laws. The company had argued that the rules violated the U.S. Constitution’s Dormant Commerce Clause which prohibits states from passing laws that discriminate against or burdens interstate commerce by favoring its residents over out-of-staters.

Officials had argued that because cannabis is federally illegal, the laws do not “burden interstate commerce more severely than Congress, since Congress has eliminated that market entirely.” Torrensen said that the argument was “not without logic” but since Maine does not bar qualified non-residents from purchasing medical cannabis, or nonresidents who purchase cannabis in Maine to take out of state, “the notion that the medical industry in Maine is wholly intrastate does not square with reality.”

Susan Meehan, president of the United Cannabis Coalition which supports the residency clause, said the group is considering appealing the ruling which she told the Press Herald has “a strong likelihood of success.”

The OMP on Thursday announced it was opening applications for new medical cannabis licenses, the first time in 11 years that registration has been publicly available.

Underground Dispensary
Author: TG Branfalt

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Cannabis Sales Double in Maine to Set a New Record in July 

terry roston

Cannabis sales in Maine set yet another record last month and more than doubled the growth pace, MaineBiz reports. Adult-use cannabis sales in July reached $9.43 million on 124,000 purchasesa 45% increase from June’s previous $6.47 million record.

The sales equate to $943,480 in taxes for state coffers. So far this year, more than $38.6 million of adult-use cannabis has been sold in the state which has led to $3.8 million in tax revenues.

Maine Office of Marijuana Policy Spokesman David Heidrich told Mainebiz that “the Independence Day holiday and summer tourism have all contributed to the robust sales growth witnessed in July.”

“These numbers demonstrate that, as access improves, more consumers are choosing the tested, tracked, and well-regulated market over a longstanding illicit market.” – Heidrich to MaineBiz

This is the first year of adult-use cannabis sales in the state, despite voters approving the reforms in 2016. The launch of the market was delayed first by governor vetoes of the implementation bill and then the coronavirus pandemic.

Maine’s first month of sales in October 2020 were about $1.4 million with only six active licensees, according to OMP data outlined by MaineBiz. June’s record sales of $5.36 million were up about 21% from May, while May sales were up 23% from the previous month, the report says.

Currently, there are 43 licensed facilities actively cultivating cannabis and another 183 facilities in-process. There are 23 active manufacturing licenses, with 76 in-process.

Underground Dispensary
Author: TG Branfalt

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