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Dispensary Point of Sale Software for Compliant Cannabis Sales Management

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Perform Mobile Dispensary POS Sales and Cannabis Tracking with Real-Time Inventory Management through Motagistics’ Cloud-Based Cannabis Software.

Conduct compliant cannabis sales at trade shows with ease. Bring your recreational and/or medical cannabis POS Software with you. Motagistics Cannabis Point of Sale App turns your mobile device into a remote Dispensary POS.

Compliant Dispensary Point of Sale Software Management for Product Inventory and Tracking enabled through  Crypto-Secure  Online/Offline Sales

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“Yes, our Dispensary POS accepts credit cards. Would you like to use your Visa or MasterCard today?”

Legal Marijuana Merchant Services (Credit & Debit Card Processing) Now Available in State!

Be the first vendor in your area to offer your customers compliant cannabis sales with compliant credit card processing integrated with cannabis seed to sale software.

Motagistics’ Dispensary Point of Sale Software Features are Fully Integrated with Motagistics’ Inventory Management, Product Tracking & eCommerce Software

Dispensary Point of Sale Software & eCommerce 

Dispensary Point of Sale Software and eCommerce functionality comes standard with Motagistics’  base software module for Dispensaries. POS functions also include sales and inventory management tasks, as do Motagistics’ base modules for all cannabis business vendor types. Vendors subscribing to any of  Motagistics’ base vendor module(s) are provided access to the following core functions:

  • Vendor-2-Vendor Sales (Products/Services)
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Auto-Update of Inventory Quantities
  • Auto-Generate Prices
  • Cumulative Price Points
  • Custom Product Labels
  • Customizable Fields
  • Apply Discounts/Specials
  • Loyalty Program with Membership Levels
  • Product Allocation Management

Dispensary Inventory Management

Dispensary Inventory Management also comes standard with Motagistics’ base Dispensary software module, developed especially for a Dispensary’s needs and regulatory seed to sale inventory and tracking requirements. Inventory Management software is also available as a tailored solution to all businesses involved in the legal cannabis chain of custody.

Dispensary Point of Sale and eCommerce features are available from the Dispensary dashboard and includes the following basic sales eCommerce tasks, as do all Motagistics’  Seed-to-Sale vendor modules:

  • Customer and Vendor Directories
  • Add New Customers and Vendors
  • Create, List and Apply Coupons
  • Create, List and Apply Loyalty Programs
  • Expense Petty Cash and Vendor Payments

Your personalized dashboard offers your business detailed reports of your product inventory totals, sales totals as well as additional financial metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Additionally, template reporting has been developed specific to your cannabis business type, as detailed in the vendor specific sections or the Motagistics eBook.

Visit the Motagistics home page to sign up for Motagistics’ e-Book, fully detailing all seed to sale core functionality and available add-on modules. Or email your request to sales@motagistics.com.

Register to give Motagistics’ Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) a free 30-Day trial.

Come back soon for additional Grow Facility App feature details!


  1. Thanks so much for the late night demonstrtion of your POS for us Left Coast`ers. We’ve been left #HighAndDry (pardon the pun) with our current software. We’ve had it! This is our livelihood they’re screwing with! It’s been #MJFreewayOrTheHighway. Thanks but we’re taking the next exit, we’re tired of being taken for a ride. #MJFreeway3StrikesYoureOut! We’ll be guiding colleagues your way. We were impressed and can’t wait to see your transportation app Monday!! 🙂 Sounds interesting and from what we’ve seen from the blog. Thanks again

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