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How to Open a Dispensary with Compliant Cannabis Tracking

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how to open a dispensary cannabis tracking software

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Top 10 State Cannabis Tracking Laws to Consider when Asking ‘How to Open a Dispensary with Compliant Cannabis Tracking?’

 Top seed to sale tracking laws of state cannabis tracking systems

✓ How to Open a Dispensary with Compliant Cannabis Tracking. Review State Cannabis Tracking Requirements Common Amongst Cannabis States.

10) Many State agencies are implementing internet-based, statewide database and regulatory monitoring software systems for the purpose of tracking legalized cannabis products in commercial trade.

9) State agencies are implementing and requiring Dispensaries to link to a statewide excise tax system for the purpose of electronic tracking and taxation of all legalized mmj product sales.

8) Dispensaries are required to track, store and provide State agency access to its orders and order transports, including transferee, transporter, date, quantity, and price.

7) Dispensaries must retain all dispensary sales transaction records, including date, time, quantity, and price of each sale or transfer of marihuana to a registered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver.

6) Dispensaries are responsible for monitoring seed-to-sale transfers, receipt and integration of information from an inventory control and tracking system.

5) Dispensaries are required to store and provide State agency access to data indicating the Dispensary has verified a patient registry identification card to be current and valid and had not been suspended, revoked, or denied.

4) Dispensaries must also store data indicating the Dispensary made a determination of whether a particular sale or transfer transaction exceeded the permissible limit of the patient.

3) Dispensaries are responsible for identifying and reporting patient complaints and threats to patient health from particular batches of marihuana products.

2) Dispensaries are required by the State agency to obtain and utilize dispensary compliance software, and a dispensary database, to allow linkage with the statewide cannabis regulatory monitoring system.

1) Dispensary must employ their own compliance software and properly manage their electronic records to electronically achieve all the Dispensary requirements listed in 2-10 above while also complying with HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements.

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