Lawmakers Introduce Michigan Cannabis Safety Act to Fine-Tune Testing, Tracking and Labeling Regulations

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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers introduced the Michigan Cannabis Safety Act Sept. 14 to fine-tune testing, tracking and labeling regulations in the state’s medical cannabis market, according to a local WILX report.

Under Michigan’s current medical cannabis laws, caregivers, also known as unlicensed marijuana growers (UMGs), are not required to test, track or label products for their patients.

The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act, made up of House Bills 5300-5302, would update the Michigan Medical Marijuana and Michigan Medical Marijuana Facility Licensing Acts to include a new Specialty Medical Grower (SMG) license for UMGs, WILX reported.

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Under the new license type, caregivers could still grow medical cannabis for themselves and one patient, but would be required to test, track and label their products in an effort to promote patient safety and increase caregiver accountability.

“Michigan has an opportunity to be a national leader in cannabis safety, job creation and economic growth, and these bills help us rein in Michigan’s unlicensed cannabis market that threatens the health of all Michiganders,” Rep. Jim Lilly (R-Park Township) told WILX.

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