Comply with Michigan Marihuana Tracking Laws HB4209 and HB4210

Ensure your Michigan Marihuana Business is Compliant with Michigan Marihuana Tracking House Bills 4209 and 4210

As a result of the 2017 Michigan state House Bills 4209 and 4210, a state proposal for development of a seed to sale software and tracking database was issued. Consequently, in mid March 2017, Franwell METRC was awarded the contract to supply the state tracking system. In accordance with the law, Michigan marihuana vendors must be able to access and supply regulated information to the state tracking system. As such, there are specifics of these laws that affect marihuana vendors in Michigan.

Top 10 Michigan Marihuana Tracking Laws Affecting Marihuana Vendors in Michigan: Grow Facilities, Dispensaries, Processors, Manufacturers, Secure Transporters and Testing Labs


In light of Michigan marihuana tracking laws, marihuana vendors must be in compliance with HB 4209 and 4210 by December 17, 2017.  At this point, marihuana vendor operations must comply with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) new internet-based, statewide database and regulatory monitoring software.  Furthermore, the state software must track all medical marijuana products in commercial trade and upload the transactions to the state database.


Moreover, LARA is implementing and requiring the marihuana vendors to link to a statewide excise tax system for the purpose of electronic tracking of all marihuana product sales.


Marihuana vendors must track, store and provide LARA access to its orders and order transports, including transferee, transporter, date, quantity, and price.


Out of Specification (OOS) product test results must be identified and reported to LARA. Additionally, marijuana vendors must identify any threat to patient health from a particular batch of medical marihuana product. Likewise, the health threat must be reported to LARA.


Marihuana vendors must ensure all product sales or transfers are properly labeled and captured in a transportation manifest. Furthermore, the vendor must prevent patient sales from exceeding the permissible product limit.


Marihuana vendors must retain all marihuana transaction records. This includes the date, time, quantity, and price of each sale or transfer of marihuana patient.  Likewise, for a registered primary caregiver, concentrates processor and provisioning center.


Marihuana vendors must monitor seed-to-sale transfers, receipt and integration of information from inventory control and tracking system.


Furthermore, marihuana vendors must store and provide LARA access to data that verifies employee status. Employees of marijuana vendors must possess a current, valid registry identification card. ID cards must not be suspended or revoked in order for the employee to enter and work within the facility.


In addition, marihuana vendors must purchase a compliant software and database solution to achieve quick and automated compliance. Marihuana compliance software enables automated linkage with the LARA statewide monitoring system and leaves more time for core business needs.


Equally important, marihuana vendor compliance software and database must electronically achieve all the requirements listed in 2-10 above. Additionally, vendor must ensure such software is compliant with HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements.

How you can Comply with Michigan Marihuana Tracking Laws in Michigan (See Below)

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Motagistics, Best Seed Software, Dispensary Point of Sale Software, Dispensary POS Software

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