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New York Community College Launching Cannabis-Related Individual Studies Certificates

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The State University of New York, Fulton-Montgomery Community College is set to offer two cannabis-related individual studies certificates following the approval of legalization reforms earlier this year, WNYT reports. The college is partnering with Vireo Health and Goodness Growth Holdings on the cultivation technician and cannabis laboratory technician courses.

The program is the first offering by a college or university in the Capital Region to offer the certificate programs.

Vireo Health CEO Kyle Kingsley told WNYT that there are “intricate details in growing any plant” and that growing them well, consistently, and safely, requires a skilled team. He added that there is an overlap between medical and adult-use consumers.

“There’s … still a large percentage of people are looking for help to sleep better, to alleviate their pain, to treat some symptom or another, so there is tremendous overlap and we’re well poised to position ourself in the wellness market as well.”Kingsley in an interview with WNYT

The company has facilities just a few miles from the FMCC’s Johnstown campus.

The Cultivation Technology Certificate will educate on plants cultivation duties and techniques, while the Cannabis Laboratory Technician will train students in cannabis manufacturing and production, focusing on delivery formats such as vape cartridges, tincture bottles, tablets, and soft gels.