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Secure Marijuana Transportation Software

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Secure Marijuana Transportation Software: Features to Consider When Searching Compliant Software

‘MOTAG’ is Motagistics’ Proprietary Encryption Tracking Device behind its Secure Marijuana Transportation Software

The secure marijuana transportation software features of Motagistics’ 4S Platform centers around the use of the ‘Motag’ on each product requiring tracking and verification of product’s chain of custody.  Use of the Motag is only compatible with proprietary applications compatible with Motagistics’ 4S platform.

Real Time, Electronic Tracking and Secure Marijuana Transportation Software

GPS coordinates are utilized for Chain of Custody validation (physical movement of product) associated with delivery of an order. A Tracking ID is utilized for product validation at destination against the expected Tracking ID as maintained in supplier vendor inventory.

Real time tracking of transport vehicle delivery status and location is available to the Transporter Administrator, point of origin vendor and destination vendor, with automated proof of delivery. The State regulatory agency can audit vendor product transfer data in real-time, without interrupting the vendor. All product transfers are tracked and logged via electronic transport manifests, uploaded to Transporter’s mobile device equipped with GPS tracking via Google map API.

Motagistics 4S enables an app-based GPS tracking system that is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. The tracking system automatically:

  • Calculates the approximate time of delivery,
  • Provides push notification of delivery,
  • Provides push notification of off-course transport,
  • Provides push notification of the assigned driver of a transport assignment.

The tracking system automatically provides a route map with the driver’s transport assignment as part of the transport manifest. The tracking system provides the Transporter Administrative Role with the following functions:

  • Assignment of transport manifest to a driver(s),
  • Real-time tracking of transporter vehicle using live view map app,
  • Manual/automated indication of delivery status to all parties.

The tracking system provides the Transporter Driver Role with the following functions:

  • Acceptance or rejection of transport assignment,
  • Instant messaging notifications to Transporter Administrator during transport,
  • Proof of delivery via recipient’s electronic signature on Transporter’s mobile device,
  • Proof of delivery via upload of date/time stamped picture of recipient and driver,
  • Manual/automated notification of delivery status to Transporter Administrator.

The tracking system provides the Patient associated with a home delivery transport with the following functions:

  • Online tracking of delivery status/location online,
  • Delivery acceptance via recipient’s electronic signature on mobile device of Transporter,
  • Rating/commenting on delivery service and condition of product packaging.

The tracking system provides the point of origin vendor Administrator with configurable settings. A maximum transportation duration can be set to enable automatic push notifications if transport duration exceeds the set point. The 4S platform alerts the Transporter Administrator, point of origin vendor and destination vendor using any combination of the following:

  • 4S dashboard alerts
  • Email notification alerts
  • SMS messaging alerts

Law Enforcement Involvement in  Secure Marijuana Transportation Software

Motagistics 4S provides the necessary tracking capabilities for law enforcement oversight:

  • Validity of product in person’s possession against patient data in State tracking database,
  • Push notification receipt of off-course transit against Transportation Manifest route.
  • Push notification receipt of late delivery against Transportation Manifest delivery time.

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